Download Dragon City Mod Apk v12.3.3 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Food)

First released in 2012, the Dragon City game had become the most popular game on Facebook. An exciting game with a pretty interesting graphic presentation makes this game in demand by many people. Until now, this game is still often played.

Over 7 years old, this game now has its modified version. Players can use various features that they did not get in the original version of the game . What are the features of the Dragon City Mod APK game? Get the answer in the article below.

Dragon City Mod APK Brief Review

Dragon City game was developed by Social Poin and released to be played on Facebook on May 8, 2012. This game is getting more and more popular after it was released for iOS and Android platforms in August 2013. Not only for teenagers, but also for adults.

As the name suggests, this game is a game about dragons. You will be asked to raise dragons from hatching to becoming a formidable fighting dragon. Here you can also feed them, breed dragons with one another, etc.

Entering level 4, the dragons that you develop can be included in contests or matches. Each type of dragon has unique abilities. Your job is to hone his skills to the maximum.

So that you have the best collection of dragons, often to marry dragons of one type with other types. If you are lucky, there will be rare dragons with extraordinary abilities that you can produce so that they can be the best combination when fighting.

You can do battle against other players from different cities. Who has the combination of dragons with the best abilities can win the match and get attractive rewards .

In addition, you can also build a farm that can be used as a place to exchange golden eggs for various other interesting things. In terms of graphics, this game also has a view that will amaze every player. You won’t get bored playing it all day.

Dragon City Mod Apk GamePlay

Especially for the Dragon City Mod APK that we are discussing, it is basically a modification of the original version. All features in the original Dragon City will remain in the modified version. Even the additional features make the modified version more interesting.

In more detail, we will discuss the differences between the original version of Dragon City and the Dragon City Mod APK below.

Difference between Dragon City Original and Dragon City Mod APK

It has been explained above that basically the modified version of Dragon City will bring all the features in the original version. However, there will be additional new features needed to make progress in the game. Some of these differences include:

Unlimited Money Not Yes
Unlimited Gold Not Yes
Anti Banned Not Yes
God Mode Not Yes
Unlock All Dragons Not Yes

You can find some of the above features in Dragon City Mod APK. Of course you will find it easier to make progress in various sectors with this modification.

Dragon City Mod APK Latest Version

Dragon City Mod APK Features

In terms of gameplay, this game has the same features as the original Dragon City with a few additions. The following are the features that you can find when playing the modified version of Dragon City:

  • There are more than 1000 dragons ready to breed and undergo fierce battles in the arena.
  • There will be new dragons every week with the opening of special islands as well as in- game breeding .
  • Take part in certain events and get cool skins for your dragons.
  • You can summon dragons from the magical world using the tree of life.
  • There are advanced game features such as Guardian Dragons and the Ancient World.
  • Games can be played on all devices without having to start from scratch by logging in using Windows.
  • Orbs that can be used to strengthen the dragons you have when fighting in the arena.
  • There is a space to socialize with other players that allows you to fight each other with other dragon masters.
  • There are many dragon quests against other players that you can follow and win. Also collect one of a kind dragons , get a Warrior’s Chest, or reach the top of the rankings.

Dragon City Mod Apk Free Download

The many features above will make this modified version of the Dragon City game no less exciting than the original version. Even for some players, this modified version is much more exciting. There are several tips that you can apply in the Dragon City game , namely:

1. Build Your Habitat

The first thing you can do is build a habitat using 100 gold and you will get XP points from it.

2. Breed

Press the Get Egg button then you can get Terra Dragon eggs. Habit the eggs and put them in the Habitat .

3. Feed Your Dragon

Always feed your dragons that are in the Habitat . Do it periodically until the dragon reaches level 4 and is ready to fight.

4. Build a Food Farm

The food you give to the dragon can be produced from the food field. Select Food Farm , then press Grow Food and select backyard farmer . That way, you will produce 5 food and 25 XP in 30 seconds.

5. Get Daily Rewards

Always follow quests every day to get interesting rewards, such as gold, food, and various other interesting rewards .

6. Play regularly

Play this game regularly, at least you have to keep playing up to 5 logins every day without dropping out. After that, you will get attractive rewards such as gold, diamonds, food for dragons, and the main reward in the form of Venom Dragon.

7. Start the Battle

Each battle arena will be unlocked as the level increases. At the initial level you can only fight in Quest . However, if you have entered levels 10 and 12, then Leagues and Arenas will be unlocked.

8. Complete Goals

You have to complete the given goals or objectives because this is a source of unlimited money, gold, XP, diamonds, and food. There will be simple and easy goals for players who are beginners.

9. Upgrade Item

Item capacity can be increased by upgrading. That way the attributes that will be received by the dragon will also increase.

Dragon City Mod Apk Download

Download Dragon City Mod APK

Below you can download this game for free via the link provided. However, first, let’s take a look at the brief specifications of the following Dragon City Mod APK:

Nama Game Dragon City Mod APK
Version 12.3.3
Size 250M
Mod Features Unlimited Gold, Food & Gems
Latest Update Aug 18, 2021

How to Install Dragon City Mod Version on HP

  • Open the file that you downloaded via the link above, then click Install .
  • If your Android can’t install the application, try to go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Enable Unknown Sources .
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • You can play the installed application and you can start breeding the best dragons in the city you built.

Playing this game will always be cool and exciting. You can see the development of a cute dragon until it turns into a formidable dragon. It will be more exciting with this Dragon City Mod APK, you can enjoy interesting features that are not in the original version.

If you are bored with a game that is too long-winded and requires grinding to be able to see the best potential of your dragon, then this modified Dragon City will take you to the most epic dragon battle .

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