IMVU MOD APK (Unlimited Credits, Money)

On this occasion, we will discuss IMVU Mod APK which can be useful as a game as well as a social media application that is currently in high demand.

IMVU is a social media application as well as an avatar-like 3D game that allows its users to meet other users virtually.

In this one application, you can create or change your face to be like an avatar according to what you want.

You can use various interesting features in this application for free, but if you want to get more complete features, you can upgrade to the Premium version.

To be able to upgrade this application to the premium version and get a variety of more complete features, then later you will be charged a fairly expensive price.

But you all don’t need to worry, because in our discussion this time we will give you a review and also a download link about the Imvu Mod APK application.

For that, please refer to some of the reviews that we have provided below, because you can get all the features that the Imvu application has completely for free.

Download IMVU mod apk

Review IMVU Mod APK

IMVU Mod APK is an application that has been developed by a third party to modify Imvu from the original version, by adding various excellent features that can be used for free.

As we explained in the quote above, this Imvu application allows you to be able to create an avatar according to what you want.

Not only that, but the Imvu Mod APK application you can also use to communicate with other people who have been spread all over the world virtually.

Because Imvu is included in a game application, you can also play or do other activities, such as dressing up, hosting events, partying, role-playing, holding virtual dates, and much more.

In order to feel a more exciting atmosphere and make your character more famous, please go shopping and decorate your character by adding various available items.

But it’s a shame, that not all the features available in the game you can enjoy for free. This is because, there are several excellent features that can be obtained by paying.

If you all want to try out all of these excellent features, you can download the Mod version or the free version via the link we have provided in this article.

But before proceeding to the Imvu Mod APK application download link, it’s a good idea for you to know in advance about the superior features in question

Download IMVU mod apk Free

IMVU Mod APK Features

One of the things or reasons that make this Mod version application very attractive for now is the premium features that are provided free of charge to users.

So, what are the features? Check out the reviews below:

Unlock All Premium items

One of the main features that makes this application a bestseller for download is being able to unlock all items that can only be used for users who subscribe to premium members only.

With this one feature, you don’t need to worry and have to bother again to pay every month, because this Mod version will guarantee you to be able to use the application for free.

Unlimited Money & Credits

Credit is a type of currency in this simulation game, you can use these credits to buy various items or items such as clothes, accessories, hair, cosmetics and so on.

So that you can decorate your avatar character in an easier way, please download Imvu Mod APK and get unlimited credits that can give you an unlimited amount of money for free.

All Unlocked

This virtual dating app offers over 40 million items that can be used once you unlock it with a credit or gift card.

Interestingly, the IMVU Mod APK version automatically unlocks all items in the game, from clothes, cosmetics, accessories, badges, space to other hidden items.

Download IMVU mod apk Free Download

Link Download IMVU Mod APK

After reading about all the interesting reviews that we have provided above, without further ado, please download the application via the download link that we have provided in the following table.

Nama Game Imvu Mod APK
Size 42 MB
New version 6.2.1
Update 2021
Developer IMVU, Inc.
Link Download

If the application download process has been completed, then you can go directly to the next process, namely installing the application, we have provided the steps below as follows:

How to Install IMVU APK App

  1. First, please download the application first.
  2. Wait a few moments until the application download process is complete.
  3. After the application is finished downloading, please open the ” Settings or Settings menu ” on your cellphone.
  4. Click on the ” Additional Settings ” menu , then tap on the ” Privacy ” section then check or activate ” Unknown Sources”.
  5. If you have activated it, please click ” File Manager ” and tap on the ” Download or Download ” menu , then select ” Imvu Mod APK Application” .
  6. A new screen will appear on your mobile screen.
  7. Click “ Install ” and wait for the process to complete.

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